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Notary Public in Thailand

A Notary Public is a government official who authenticates legal documents, signatures, and affidavits or statements of individuals under oath. Notary Services are vital in complex business transactions and international relations.

GAM Legal Alliance has a Notarial Services Attorney who is certified by the Thai Lawyer’s Council to perform authentication services regulated under the Law of Thailand.


In most countries, a notary public is an official licensed to authenticate signatures and documents and to witness affidavits or statements of persons under oath. In Thailand, however, there is no notary public system. Instead, the Lawyers Council of Thailand grants attorneys a role called “Notarial Services Attorney” which allows them to perform these functions.

In some cases, documents that are notarized in one country must be further authenticated or legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thailand or by the Embassy in the destination country. This process is called document authentication or legalization and is an important part of the international validation process.

Unlike an apostille, which is internationally accepted, this process ensures that the document has been verified to be authentic and valid for use in other countries. We can help you get your documents authenticated and legalized quickly and easily, so you can focus on the more important things. Contact us to learn more.


A notarized document is often required for legal proceedings, business transactions, or when relocating to another country. The certification process is essential for maintaining the integrity of international documents. It also helps prevent fraud by verifying that the signature is genuine.

A person seeking notarization must appear in person before a notary public and sign the document. The notary will then prepare a certificate that includes their seal and signature to affirm the authenticity of the document.

Notarized documents are widely accepted in foreign jurisdictions. This is because of the rigorous verification process that notaries undergo to ensure the legitimacy of the documents they authenticate. For individuals or businesses that need to authenticate or certify documents, understanding the Thailand notary process is crucial for legal compliance and international success. Siam Center Law Group offers comprehensive guidance and reliable certification services at a convenient location on Wireless Road, close to most embassies. Contact us today to find out more about our notary and translation services.

International Acceptance

In many countries, the government officially licenses a notary public to authenticate signatures and documents and witness affidavits or statements of persons under oath. Notaries in Thailand are not licensed to perform these functions outside of the country in which they are registered.

However, the Thai Lawyers Council regulation governing notarial services allows lawyers to act as notaries under certain circumstances. This enables individuals to use their services for documents that require notarization when sending them abroad.

The consular section of a foreign embassy in Bangkok can provide limited notarial services to their citizens, such as certified copies of passports and driving licences or the affirmation of a signature on power of attorney documents. For other documentation that requires notarization for international use, G.A.M Legal Alliance recommends contacting one of its licensed notary lawyers in Thailand.

When submitting documents abroad, notarization by a recognized notary can build trust and confidence with the receiving agency. This is essential for businesses seeking to conduct overseas transactions and can be a critical step in the process of completing an international transaction.


Some documents might need further authentication, certification or legalization after being notarized. H&P lawyers in Thailand have a proven experience in helping clients through this process. As Thailand is not a member of the Hague Convention on Apostilles, documents originated in the country might need to be first legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok or in some cases even at the Embassy of the country where the document is going to be presented.

In many countries a notary public is a public official who can authenticate signatures, affidavits, statements of persons under oath or verification of certain documents. In Thailand, the Lawyers Council appoints accredited attorneys to function as Notarial Services Attorneys in the country and this role is regulated by the Law Firm Act B.E. 2528. These Thai attorneys have undergone a professional training course to be able to provide this service. This makes them the best choice for notarization in Thailand.