Getting a Work Permit in Thailand

Getting a Work Permit in Thailand

As a foreigner living and working in Thailand, you need a work permit to legally perform your job. You can get this document from the Ministry of Labour if you have a legitimate job in Thailand and meet some minimum requirements. The document can be renewed if it expires, but you need to apply for this extension with your visa.

A work permit can be issued for 1 year and can be extended as long as you continue to meet the required qualifications. The document can also be granted for a longer period of time in certain cases, such as for Representative offices and for companies with registered capital of over 30 million baht.

Getting a work permit in Thailand is not a simple process and requires professional help to ensure you have everything needed. At Sunbelt Asia, we provide assistance to our clients on all aspects of the application and paperwork.

The first step is to get a non-immigrant visa from your country of origin (if you’re coming from the US, then you need a B-1 visa). You should also bring the following documents with you when you go to the embassy or consulate: * Your resume and degree/license* A medical certificate not older than six months from a Thai hospital* 3 passport sized photos (4 x 6 cm)

Once your documents have been verified, you can file an application for a work permit with the Department of Employment at the Ministry of Labor. You will need to be present in person and sign the document in front of the Labor Department staff to get it approved.

You can only obtain a work permit when you have a valid visa and are in possession of a Thai taxpayer identification number (TIN). The TIN is used for all documentation, including work permits. You will also need it for obtaining a passport when you travel out of Thailand.

The application can take a few days to process. You will be given a notification slip with the date you can collect your work permit in Bangkok or Phuket. You will need to pick it up with your original passport in the presence of a Labor Department employee.

A Work Permit is required for all foreigners who want to work in Thailand and are not from a country where the government has agreed to exempt them. This is because of a law called the “Alien Employment Act” which prohibits unauthorized activities by foreigners.

There are a few exemptions to this requirement, but it’s always a good idea to check with the embassy in your home country.

You can also ask the company you’re working for to fill out a letter of work permit approval before you leave your country. This will allow you to get your work permit in Thailand without having to travel overseas to do so.

Once you have your work permit, it must be returned to the Ministry of Labour within seven days of your resignation from your job. If you don’t return the permit, you can face fines of up to 1,000 baht.

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